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Liquid Hand And Body Soap

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A perfect soap for hands and body, ideal both in the shower and for a quick cleanse.

  • Creamy
  • Gentle
  • Sanitising

Never before has hand cleansing been so prominent in our lives, leading us to pay more and more attention to the soap we use. Bullfrog wanted to reinterpret this gesture, creating a surprising texture, which was enveloping during use and left the skin soft.  The Liquid Hand and Body Soap offers a complete self-care ritual, whether it’s in the shower or just by washing your hands.

Apply a small amount of product and massage onto damp skin to cleanse hands and body. Rinse with water.

The product's texture is so amazing that we wanted to give it a name: Smooth Effect. Straight out of the box, the reason will be clear: on the skin its texture simulates the sense of being wrapped in a soft fabric drape that lingers without disappearing, even after rinsing. It leaves the skin soft and moisturised after use.

The fragrance is intended to evoke a sense of well-being, while maintaining a strong identity. Characterised by spicy and fresh notes, where the more intense vetiver tones are softened by the crisp, fresh notes of citrus fruits such as grapefruit. The fragrance evolves into green rhubarb notes.

This product was developed using packaging that reduces the volume of waste produced and is easy to recycle.

Once finished, here's how to dispose of the different components:

Bottle: PET 01; PLASTIC
Pump: PP 05; PLASTIC

Check the regulations of your municipality.

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