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05-01-2022 | Beard

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The quarantine is still not over, but many habits will probably stay with us a bit longer. Among all, the one that perhaps will have the greatest impact will be the mask, now our indispensable travel companion.
The global situation, with the mask on, inevitably imposed some changes on our routine and, thinking about it, perhaps also on our style.
The longer beards, in fact, don’t get along very well with the mask and this new life-style has inevitably marked the beginning of a new era for beard.
So if you are also among those who visited the barber to reinvent a beard style, here are the tips that are right for you, because although it may seem strange, a shorter beard sometimes requires even more attention, especially maintaining a nice neat and clean shape. To be flawless, just follow a few simple steps.
Talk to your barber
Before any change of style, consulting your barber is an indispensable step. Together you can choose which new beard style best suits your shape, define a series of actions necessary for its care and maintenance and, above all, clarify what are the most classic errors you can commit in this path of rediscovery of your beard.
Change your habits
If until now you had a very specific routine to take care of your long beard, now is the time to change it. Long and short beards, in fact, require different attentions and, therefore, different products. Forget about the comb, because you will hardly be able to use it again; you can easily replace it with the shaving brush, which is better for shorter lengths, cleaning in depth with its boar bristles and helping to distribute the product evenly over the entire beard. A similar matter concerns beard oil, not always indicated for medium-short beards. The time may have come to experiment with a conditioner like the Anti-stress Night Mask, which with its very light hemp-based texture will revitalize the beard without weighing it down. If, however, you really can’t do without oil, we have the solution for you: Oliocento. It is a product designed to be light and with an almost dry texture, despite having an oily shape.
Keep an eye on the shape
For a high definition beard you can use the Invisible Shaving Gel, which ensures an accurate and very precise shave. Its structure allows you to create a thin layer of protection between the razor blade and the skin, reducing the risk of redness, cuts and scratches.
Its transparent texture allows you to direct the razor in the parts where you want to proceed and already have the vision of the final result, allowing you to draw sideburns and mustaches. In short, an indispensable product for a defined beard!
Calm irritations
After you have adjusted the contours in the way you prefer, it will be just like when you shave all over your beard: do not make the mistake of believing that you don’t need an aftershave just because you have shaved only on limited areas of the face.
The ideal solution is certainly Agnostico Aftershave Lotion, the aftershave that combines the tradition of alcoholic aftershave with the unique and unmistakable fragrance of Agnostico. With its formula based on panthenol it has an immediate emollient action and a pleasant refreshing touch.
And always remember that for a perfect result you will not have to miss a few maintenance sessions at the barber!"


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