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12-02-2023 | Hair Beard Moustache Fragrances Skincare

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media-imgAny chance to party, that’s right? Over the years, various celebrations and celebrations have been created, one of which involves bachelors. Just like that, February 15, a day after the much loved or detested Valentine’s Day, is celebrated the Feast of Singles or Saint Faustino. Be careful not to confuse it with the Singles' Day which instead falls on November 11.
The link between San Faustino and the singles, let’s face it, leaves some room for imagination. It is said that the association is found in the name of the saint: Faustino, from the Latin "faustus", which means "lucky". As a result, he is considered the bearer of good fortune to those who seek love.
On the other hand, the Singles' Day, which is celebrated on November 11, was established by the Chinese, who chose this day, as the number one represents a solitary individual. The purpose of this anniversary is to remind people of the importance of their uniqueness, embracing their status as singles. Do not underestimate the importance that this anniversary has taken in Chinese culture, where great celebrations are held, but also in the rest of the world that has made it a real commercial opportunity.
That said, whether you are looking for the other half of the apple or not, the most important thing is to be comfortable with ourselves, taking care of our appearance by dedicating time (even when it is little). For this reason we offer you two products, easy to use and always carry with you: a styling product and a fragrance.

Let’s start with styling: the Sculpting Matt Wax has now become a must have product, which thanks to its rigid composition does not stick the hair and leaves no residue. It offers an ultra-structuring action and a sculpted effect, defining and separating the strands.
Thanks to its format it is practical to carry with you, in your gym bag, on the road and, why not, in your desk drawer: who knows if you could ever need a last-minute touch-up.
Let’s move on to fragrances, especially we want to talk about Elisir N.1. A fragrance inspired by the art of potions and formulas of alchemists. For this reason, it is characterized by ethereal and impalpable notes, reminiscent of cauldron fumes. The name of the fragrance, Belladonna, is an enchanting and deadly plant that was used by alchemists. A coincidence? According to us no...

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