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11-01-2023 | Skincare

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As you may know, for some years now the "Blue Monday" has been established, that is, the saddest day of the year. Many talk about it, with a lot of hashtags #BlueMonday but many don’t really know what it means and what it refers to. Let’s find out quickly together!

First, let’s start with the answer to the question: when does it fall? Actually every year changes date, but the rule is always the third Monday of January. For 2023, therefore, it is Monday, January 16.
Let’s then see what is the origin of Blue Monday. This tradition is anything but religious, in fact we can define it more as a commercial holiday. Born in 2005 in Great Britain by Cliff Arnall, a scientific popularizer and psychologist at the University of Cardiff. Cliff tried to work out a complex equation that would pinpoint the saddest day of the year. He identified it on the third Monday of the month as it is mid-winter, the climate is not the best and maybe the good intentions of the year are already fading. In fact, he had a point.

But the real question is: why are we talking about it? We’ll explain it right away! This day is often associated with the theme of travel and the melancholy that assails us after the summer holidays: we at Bullfrog are at the forefront of fighting the classic post-holiday sadness. Exactly, with our Blue Botanical line, thanks to its marine inspiration, salty fragrance and blue texture, we want to transport you (although unfortunately not physically) to what is the happy and joyful "mood" that we have when we are on vacation. Didn’t you know it yet? Well, let’s fix it! The Blue Botanical family consists of five products, let’s see them together.

The Anti-pollution Cleansing Mousse is what you need both to start and end the day on the right foot. A soft and delicate texture like a cloud, which in a simple gesture removes all traces of dirt and impurities from your face.
Oltresiero is the superstar of the family, a serum with a fresh, light texture and rapid absorption. Based on hyaluronic acid at different molecular weights, it is able to penetrate deep into the skin, ensuring effective and long-lasting hydration. To be used daily after cleansing the face.
Let’s move on to the Toning Moisturizing Cream, ideal in this season where the climate puts a strain on our skin. Delicate, soothing and non-greasy texture keeps the skin hydrated and tones at the same time. To be used daily after Oltresiero.
These are the three components of the family that used consistently, day after day, will give your skin tone, brightness and hydration.
Didn’t we say five? That’s right: the other two products, namely the Anti Pollution Exfoliating Mask and the Nourishing Toning Mask, although they are also two must-have products in your weekly routine, should not be used daily, but once or twice a week. Let’s find out together!
The first is a mask that, thanks to the micro-grains of scrub given by coal dust, removes dead cells that obstruct the skin, allowing the moisturizing products seen before penetrating deeper. Leave the skin immediately smooth, cleansed and glowing. Try it! Use it once or twice a week, preferably in the evening.
The second is essential, as after exfoliation, the skin needs to be regenerated and nourished. Rich in active ingredients, which help restore the level of hydration of the skin by counteracting dryness. Its texture, blue as the sea, envelops the skin leaving it fresh and plumped, just like the waves of the sea do!
We hope to have snatched a smile from you in thinking back to your holiday memories, we know that shooting is never easy...
But we are sure that if you start your days with our Blue Botanical, fight the sadness will be easier than ever.


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