11-05-2023 | Skincare

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Aesthetics and self-care are the two main principles of the modern man, who has been able to reinvent himself, learning from the past but always looking to the future. In the same way, we at Bullfrog wanted to satisfy our thirst for innovation by reinterpreting in a modern key some simple everyday gestures with a line of products that revolutionized the concept of Bodycare: new fragrances and textures for products with a surprising effect on the body.
A collection of innovative products not only in content, but also in form: the completely new packaging design is designed to transform the bathroom into a living room and simple products for self-care in authentic furnishings, able to enrich environment and spirit. So, summing up: innovative formulas and a design that furnishes, with absolute protagonists the illustrations of Francesco Paternoster, graphic designer who transformed the products in a small saga of heroes, with references to classical art, mythology and the world of tattoos.
Born and raised in Matera, Francesco Paternoster is a Branding and Packaging expert dedicated to the development of graphic concepts for nationally and internationally renowned companies. Thanks to his great creative spirit and his professional approach, many of his projects have won important international awards, including the prestigious Communication Arts award and the World Brand Design Society Award, as well as being published in several online newspapers and magazines. Inspired by the rigour and dynamism of Franco Grignani’s forms and by the iconographic and anthropological research of Mario Cresci, for the artist design is much more than just a work: is the ability to know people’s different cultures and to mix them together to create a single vision. According to his approach, design is able to look back at its roots or to push forward towards the future, with the blank sheet to represent the space-time machine able to shape their ideas.
The labels of the products of the collection "Eroi Quotidiani" feature drawings of different anatomical parts that take up the style of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures revisited with an exquisitely modern meaning: pencil sketches depicting sculptures decorated with tattoos that summarize the essence of an art, on one side new and the other timeless. A harmonious chromatic triptych (the yellow of the background, the black of the strokes and the white of the figures) and a skilful use of shadows and shades give the graphics an almost three-dimensional depth in which you have the opportunity to enjoy the view and fantasize with the imagination. The unmistakable touch of the artist and the choice of quality packaging, combined with surprising formulas, have given rise to an exclusive line for self-care in full "Bullfrog effect"making the products real design objects able to enhance any environment in which they are placed.
What are you waiting for? The new KIT Bodycare and the other products of the line are now available online and in Barberia, ready to make your body and ...your bathroom unique.

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