20-02-2023 | Fragrances

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media-imgWe are quite sure that, to the question "Can you properly apply a perfume?" Your answer would be "Why, is there a right way and a wrong way to do it?". What apparently seems like a daily gesture, sometimes even very banal, actually hides a bit of pitfalls...
Keep calm: let’s see together the most common mistakes not to make.
Rub your wrists  
Yes, you read it right! Everyone does it, almost without thinking about it, but in reality it is a completely wrong habit, as well as counterproductive. Rubbing your wrists after applying perfumes will break the fragrance molecules, causing the top notes to fade away immediately. The result? The scent will last much less. This applies not only to the wrists, but also to other points of the body.
Spray the perfume on the hair
This is also one of those gestures that we do without realizing it and with the aim of making the perfume last longer. In fact, this small gesture could put a strain on the health of your hair. This is because perfume formulations are usually high in alcohol and not intended for application on the crown. Alcohol, when applied to the hair, makes them stubby and dull and in the long run will spoil them.  If we want to give a touch to our hair, the best thing is to choose a fragrance without alcohol or a mist for hair.
Raise your hand to those who happened to be near someone who seemed to have bathed in perfume. It is easy to recognize it on others, less on yourself, but it is very important to know how to dose it well to avoid it being overly annoying and cloying. For this mistake there is no precise rule to follow, but what helps is to apply it in the so-called "pulse points", that is: back of the ears, wrists and elbow grooves. These points all have in common the fact that they are close to the veins, that is, where the blood pulses, this will best activate the perfume on our skin. Try it!
Expose perfumes on the bathroom shelf
Yes we know, some perfumes have very beautiful packaging and it would be a shame to hide them, much better to expose them with pride making them almost design objects. Even this small, seemingly harmless choice is not. Sunlight can change the color of our fragrances and create chemical reactions that could ruin the smell. Even the wet and the hot are enemies of our beloved perfumes. In conclusion, the bathroom, which until now had seemed the ideal place to keep them, becomes the worst place in the whole house.  At this point, the question you’re asking yourself is: "So where should I keep them?" The answer is easy: in a cool, dark place. In the closet or dresser will be fine!
We have come to the conclusion of this article and we are a bit curious: how many of these mistakes do you make every day? If the answer is not one, congratulations! But don’t keep these tips just for yourself, but share them with those who make these mistakes: we are sure you will be grateful!

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