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05-05-2023 | Skincare

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media-imgLiving in the city can be exciting and challenging, but at the same time it can also be a source of stress. The constant traffic noise, the hectic pace of urban life and the fatigue of always having to run after your goals can adversely affect your mental and physical health. The month of May is also the prelude to the summer that is knocking on the door. The days get longer, the tension increases and the desire to escape from the monotony of daily routine is now a fixed thought.
With good weather and rising temperatures, we look forward to the weekend to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a moment of pure relaxation. What about during the week? A TIME OUT is a must: an intimate moment of tranquility to unwind from the chaos of the city and find the peace of the senses.

But how to combat the stress caused by the city’s routine? Whether it’s at home after a hard day’s work, in the post-workout gym or at the end of a weekend trip out of town, Bullfrog’s Bodycare line is the perfect ally for a regenerating moment of physical and mental relaxation. A complete line of products created for every occasion and for every phase of body care: from skin cleansing to its nourishment, through hydration.
For a moment of total relaxation in the shower, let yourself be pampered by the Secret Potion Shower Gels: a secret and mysterious collection composed of three different fragrances that combines precious formulas with invigorating properties, all the practicality of a daily multi-purpose detergent. While the 250 ml professional size is perfect for showering at home or at the gym, the convenient travel size (100 ml) is an ideal travel companion that can not miss during a holiday weekend.
The "Eroi Quotidiani" collection is also ideal for a new dose of energy for the body. The Liquid Hand And Body Soap offers a complete self-care ritual, ideal both in the shower and for a quick cleansing of the hands. The Refreshing Body Tonic is a real energizing complex, perfect to regain momentum and vitality, gently moisturizing the skin. Finally, the Nourishing Hand Cream offers a daily treatment for the hands, ideal to cure and moisturize them, creating an invisible shield that protects them from any external aggression.
The life of the city is already quite chaotic and stressful, why complicate it even more? You guys relax, we took care of everything else.

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