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27-07-2022 | Hair Beard

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It’s official, summer is here, with its warm sunny days, and as everyone knows, when the weather is like this, thoughts begin to stray to holidays.
But unfortunately, it’s not always possible to just pack your bags and go, and it’s down to the more creative minds to find a way to bring the holidays to the city.
And it is proof that truth is stranger than fiction when a surfer can be spotted curling on the waves in a lock on the Naviglio Grande canal in Milan.
It goes without saying that the protagonist in this situation, with his surfboard and wild hairstyle, has become the hero of all those who are currently dreaming of the sea.
However, even for the less adventurous dreamers who were simple onlookers, envious of his authentic beach look, there is a way to be like him.
Here are six tips from the Bullfrog barbers for a genuine surfer look.
1. No clichés.
Don’t be drawn in by clichés over hair length. The classic idea of a typical surfer is in fact someone with long untamed hair, but that doesn’t mean that the same effect can’t be achieved with short hair. The secret is to use the right finish!
2. Put the hairdryer away
You won’t need a hairdryer anymore. All you have to do after your shower is get rid of the excess water, towel-drying your hair to leave it damp and ready to define the look. The only way to get a “natural wet look” is to let the hair dry on its own.
3. Use the new salt spray!
Texturising Salt Spray by Bullfrog. This is a two-phase formula with a very light texture that, thanks to the high concentration of marine salt, re-mineralises the hair, creating waves and natural movement for an authentic beach look. Just a couple of sprays is all it takes, and the hair is ready to be styled.
4. Forget combs and brushes!
For a look to be natural, the preparation also has to be simple. After having applied the product to damp hair, style with your fingers. Try to define large locks one by one, curling them around a finger to create the desired wavy look. And you’re done!
5. Get a bit of sun.
Even if it’s not always so easy, getting a safe dose of sunshine is a very healthy habit. It’s good for you for a number of reasons, and it’s good for your hair. In fact the mix of sun and salt lends light-coloured hair shades of honey that are perfect for a real tanned surfer look.
6. Talk to your barber
When you decide to change your style, never forget to ask the opinion of an expert you can trust! The barbers at Bullfrog are always on hand to advise you on this theme, because every head of hair is different and needs special care and attention.


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