Bullfrog effect.

Warm towels, conditioners, oils and experienced hands which style, shave or simply trim beard and moustache.

All this pampering with the right dose of aromatic oils and perfumes create perfect relaxation in the client who often falls asleep and wakes up again feeling a new man.

Bullfrog Shave: traditional shaving involving treatment with 7 warm towels, double shave and a final icy towel, using products and eau de cologne chosen by the client – a traditional North American shaving experience (about 45 minutes)

Full Beard Reshaping: a beard reshaping service with scissors and clipper, hydrating treatment with warm oil or conditioner and warm towels (about 25 minutes)

Quick Beard Trim: scissor and clipper beard trim (about 15 minutes)

Moustache Trim & Styling: trimming, shaping and styling with specific moustache wax (about 15 minutes)

For reservations, suggestions or complaints please write to info@bullfrogbarbershop.com