Our pricelist in Germany


Traditional Haircut: traditional male cut (about 30 minutes) – 45€

Straight Razor Head Shave: razor shave and warm towel treatment (about 30 minutes) – 35€

One Grade all Over: clipper cut (about 15 minutes) – 25€

Shampoo & Style:  shampoo and finish (about10 minutes) – 10€

Combo: traditional haircut and service to reshape your beard with scissors and clipper. Opportunity for hydrating treatment with warm oil or conditioner and warm towels (about 45 minutes) – 70€

Beard, moustache and shaving

Bullfrog Shave: traditional shaving involving treatment with 7 warm towels, double shave and a final icy towel, using products and eau de cologne chosen by the client – a traditional North American shaving experience (about 45 minutes) – 45€

Full Beard Reshaping: a beard reshaping service with scissors and clipper, hydrating treatment with warm oil or conditioner and warm towels (about 25 minutes) – 35€

Quick Beard Trim: scissor and clipper beard trim (about 15 minutes) – 20€

Moustache Trim & Styling: trimming, shaping and styling with specific moustache wax (about 15 minutes) – 20€

VIP Room

Full VIP Treatment: traditional haircut and beard reshaping in our secret VIP Room where we will start off with a Whiskey / Gin tasting to make your service even more relaxing. Furthermore, at the end we will gift you our most famous product Agnostico to end your experience nicely and bring the #EffettoBullfrog at home (about 1 hour) – 100€

For reservations, suggestions or complaints please write to info@bullfrogbarbershop.com