The first BULLFROG barbershop opened in Milan in 2013 with the aim to be the point of reference for grooming appreciators.

The brand was created by Romano Brida, whom after a travel in New York, decided to bring in Italy the american’s barber shop concept. His idea was to mix the american barbeshop influence with the italian tradition.

In 2014 the brand was acquired by Percassi which bought the majority stake of the company.

BULLFROG philosophy is to offer an authentic, functional, fast and high quality service in an environment which represent the meeting point between the italian art of shaving and the atmosphere of the north-american raw barbershops. The original cutting and shaving experience combined with the best american and english barber techniques. This is what you can find in BULLFROG: a service that offer the best of different barber schools.

Moreover BULLFROG offer to its clients a line of products and accessories – from beard balms to brushes – which contributes not only to the routine of grooming but also to your personal lifestyle.

The first barbershop was opened in Isola neighborhood, hystorical popular area of Milan and is one of the best example of italian gentifrication. The shop is 22 m2 but has three workstations so the small dimension has not prevented to this entity, which mixes the atmosphere of the tattoo shop and the classic sicily barber shop, to obtain a positive match from its clients. BULLFROG is also present in Rome, Varese, Turin, Riccione, Zurich and Munich, confirming its international appeal.