A young brand that offers quality products and services and that keeps growing year by year, this is Bullfrog!

Join us means work in a great team, compound by men and women that, with their determination and competence, contribute to reach the brand’s goals.

We are constantly searching for new professional profiles in:


Experience in cutting hair is requested, with particular attention to the management of the fade in north-american style in addition to shaving and beard regulation. Knowledge of traditional haircuts and of the culture of barbershops (especially order and cleanliness of the workstation and of the tools). Moreover the barber have to have good communication and relational skills, product competence to recommend the clients and english knowledge. Is considered a plus the hold of the license for a barbershop.


Is requested a customer orientation and achievement of the objectives skills. The man/woman has to know how to work in team and has a knowledge of the sales tecniques. Moreover have to be cooperative. Furthermore is requested a good communication and relational skills and the knowledge of english language (other languages will be considered a plus).

If you want to join us send your CV to bullfrog.formazione@percassi.it