Father’s day is just around the corner, and you are thinking that maybe this year it would be nice to get something other than the same old tie. But the problem is not always children with a lack of imagination; every now and then you could do your bit and point them in the right direction!

This is the perfect moment for the classic Bullfrog guide, created for both fathers and their children suffering from the stress of having to choose presents. Here is a suggestion for every type of father!

Codename: Ok, Boomer

We begin with him because he is a classic, and perhaps the most common type of father: precise. He is “strict but fair” and loves anything that is characterised by discipline. A precise father can be spotted immediately: he doesn’t smile very often, but the right joke – as long as it’s intellectual enough – will have him laughing heartily. He makes sure he always looks neatly turned out, but never over the top. He has a love-hate relationship with ties – he can’t live without them, but his wardrobe is stuffed with so many that at times he just wants to throw them all out. Most important of all, this father is always clean-shaven. He never goes without shaving, and it has by now become an incurable obsession. Trust us when we say that there is no remedy. Resistance is useless. Pander to his shaving mania with a traditional aftershave, such as Agnostico Lotion, or a brush for whipping up shaving cream in the most classic manner, and you’ll have a satisfied father (not happy though, as excessive manifestations of joy are frowned on!)

The bearded dad

He is a bearded dad, and his beard is a central part of his existence. He has not merely chosen to grow a beard; he has embraced a lifestyle. His beard is a symbol of all his characteristic energy; always in a hurry, dashing from endless calls to spring cleaning as only he knows how. Here, it is not a case of mentality, but rather of mindset, and his is focused on ever-more-distant horizons. His beard is a quirk through which he displays his contemporary side, often combined with a few tattoos, and he is actually as modern as he makes out.

It is obvious that a beard-care product will make him particularly happy. A beard brush and a Secret potion all-in-one beard oil, and this gift can be ticked off the list!

Gen Z Undercover Mission

This is another sub-category of the modern father. He moves with the times, so much so that sometimes he pulls ahead. He knows how to blend in with youngsters without being spotted, and you may even catch him dancing on TikTok, because Instagram is out of date. Besides, he was using hashtags before they were fashionable, creating captions for his super-trendy selfies with his curled moustache and flashy hairstyle. The only thing he still hasn’t managed to express on social networks is the essence of his super-sophisticated fragrances, but don’t let this put you off, if you want to buy him one. After all, a perfume like Elisir N.2 is the perfect gift for such a trendy dad!

If after all these suggestions, you still don’t know what to buy, or if you simply want to give him the freedom to choose his favourite product, you can’t go wrong: choose one of the Bullfrog Gift Cards online!

You can choose the value you prefer, and your gift will always be appreciated.

Happy Father’s Day from Bullfrog!