There is no doubt: 2020 was an unprecedented year, which exposed us to such high levels of stress that all this has been given a name. The “pandemic fatigue”, that is the difficulty of living peacefully in such a complicated situation, is the term that defined the year just ended. Many of us, however, at the very first midnight of this 2021 have added to the list of good intentions the one of leaving behind once and for all the stress with which we have gone hand in hand for the last few months. Of course, not really a “said and done” type of purpose, but still a goal to work on with good room for improvement. An improvement that starts right from us, from the gestures we make to take care of our well-being. Here is a mini guide to show you four essential tips when it comes to self-care.

🌿 Mind domestic pollution

Believe it or not, even life at home “pollutes” our skin more than you think. Smart working, irregular hours and habits: stress is reflected directly on the health of the skin, but also on a series of behaviors that do not contribute to keeping it clean. Just touch your face a little more often or follow a slightly less balanced diet and you’ll immediately see the appearance of more impurities. At this point, a very gentle cleanser will be essential! The Anti-Stress Exfoliating Gel removes all kinds of impurities, even in the deepest layers of the skin, giving a prolonged feeling of relaxation. The fragments of hemp stem exert a delicate scrub on the skin, with their purifying and relaxing action. Fruit acids, moreover, act alongside them, for a natural chemical exfoliation.

🌿 Watch your hydration

When we say we feel drained, even if unconsciously, we are using a literal rather than a figurative expression. Fast pace and stressful days will end up dehydrating the skin, making it visibly drier and reddened. Yet there is a simple solution to get rid of the most typical signs of stress, which consists in keeping hydrated during the day, not only by drinking a lot, but also with the help of a specific product. The Anti-Stress Hydrating Serum will take care of the skin, hydrating it instantly and giving it a more relaxed appearance, thanks to its composition based on hyaluronic acids, able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Finally, we can’t keep from mentioning the relaxing properties of hemp, which will give a pleasant feeling of rest.

🌿 Night is our best friend

Smart working rhythms often make our schedules irregular, making us appear more and more tired. Whenever possible, it is better to give up night binge watching and treat yourself to a good night’s sleep that will benefit our whole body, including skin and beard. The night is also one of the best times to take care of our beard. Just apply a thin layer of Anti-Stress Night Mask which, thanks to its rich formula containing hemp oil, will restore a softer and brighter beard upon awakening. Of course, nothing prevents you from using it even during the day as an SOS treatment in moments of greatest difficulty, also massaging it on the face for a formidable beard + skin combo.

🌿 Discover new good habits

It can be half an hour of training or dedicating more time to our appearance, but surely discovering new good habits is a great way to remove stress. Oliocento can be one of these: with a single gesture in the morning, you can distribute a few drops on the beard and brush to soften it and make it brighter. You can also take advantage of it to apply a few drops on the face, in order to moisturize the skin and smooth it. As a final touch, three or four drops on the tips of the hair to nourish them and give your hair a new brightness. If you are worried about a greasy effect on your face and hair, do not fear, because Oliocento will do none of this. Thanks to its almost dry texture, it has an extremely fast resorption time, leaving no traces!