2020 is finally over, a year certainly out of the ordinary which, with all its peculiarities, has inevitably impacted on the many aspects of our lives, even on style. What at first seemed to us to be oddities have done nothing but consolidate into solid habits and these will be decisive for the trends of this beginning of 2021.

But in order to understand how we got here, it is essential to take a few steps back. The beginning of 2020 was confirming a whole series of trends that had gradually acquired more solidity during 2019: comfort and freshness that were expressed in cuts with shorter lengths on the sides and longer at the top, with more and more elaborate and varied shades. With the arrival of the first restrictions, however, the story changed. A few reckless attempted the feat of cutting their hair alone in the months of lockdown, but most of us preferred a faithful wait for their barber instead. The result was ever longer hair within a real rediscovery of style. A rediscovery that seemed to have defined the main trend of the year, even if the facts have ultimately disproved this hypothesis.

In a short time from the first reopenings, the need for practicality, combined with the fear of new closures of the barbers, has prevailed. This generated that turnaround that has accompanied us so far, at the beginning of 2021, and that will define it. An overwhelming majority is characterized by much shorter cuts than we were used to seeing and, among these, the French crop is the most loved by men. The neat and defined bangs and the very high fade have won first place on the podium, folowed by a great classic like the caesar cut and the evergreen messy cut. This last cut is right for those who, although they generally appreciate shorter lengths, do not like to surrender to millimeter cuts. Technically very simple, easy to wear but still with a charisma of its own, it is a cut that exerts a certain appeal.

The common point of the most popular hairstyles, however, does not only concern the lengths, but also the styling. The watchword for 2021 is a matt effect, with products that allow a simple and practical realization of the lock effect, giving the impression that the hair has been sculpted by a chisel.

Even when it comes to beards, it doesn’t go very far. If we were already witnessing a progressive shortening of the beards, this trend has never been as true as this year. After all, beards and masks are not best friends and as long as this accessory accompanies us, beards can only adapt accordingly.