Christmas is a beautiful time of rest, sharing and reunion with loved ones, but without a doubt – and especially the period that precedes it – it can also be very stressful. The hunt for gifts feels endless, ideas are rare and we jump from shop to shop for a desperate inspiration that never seems to come. Today Bullfrog saves you with a guide to match each type of man with the perfect gift and save Christmas from gift anxiety.

1. The traditionalist

When we talk about the man who is indissolubly linked to tradition, our mind recalls a well-defined kind of man. Elegant, but always sober, distinguished and above all a shaving lover. If this identikit fits the man you are looking for gifts for, the Bullfrog perfect shaver kit is what you are looking for. A shaving cream and a brush, to shave in the classic style, and Agnostico Aftershave Lotion, an alcoholic aftershave, just as tradition dictates.

2. The nonconformist

From the lover of shaving to those who, on the other hand, have made a religion of the beard. This man loves to play outside the box, he has an enterprising and dynamic spirit and he is never idle. He is a man who likes to stand out and often a thick beard is his identifying mark. For him the gift is very simple: the beard addict kit. It contains the must-have products for beard care, among which the Agnostico balm, the most iconic product of Bullfrog, and the Beard Washing Exfoliating Paste, that stand out for a deep cleansing. But there are other ingredients for the perfect beard recipe: Oliocento and the Anti-stress Night Mask are two products with very high concentrations of natural ingredients, for an extra boost to the well-being of the beard.

3. Stressed out

We all have at least one stressed out in our life. Frantic, tireless and always peppy, he pays the price of his work addiction with eye-catching dark circles. If he really does not want to know about taking a few days off, you can help him with the unconventional skincare kit. It is a selection of products with a high concentration of natural ingredients, among which hemp stands out, which is known, when it comes to remedies for stress, is the best remedy. So your stressed man can indulge in some relaxation with Oliocento, the Anti-stress Exfoliating Gel and the Anti-stress Hydrating Serum, for the perfect routine to eliminate the most visible signs of stress. Finally, there is the new Cleansing Puryfing Gel, to clean your hands, but also your beard, wherever you are.

4. The sophisticated

He could not be missing: a little hedonist, maybe even a little vain, he loves taking care of himself in every little detail and always being impeccable. The perfect gift for him is the secret potion kit, with which he can explore the whole range in every wellness ritual: from shower gel to eau de parfum, from shaving cream to all-in-one beard oil, all combined with the same fragrance. A real treat for a man with a sophisticated soul.

Bonus tips

To make things really easy for you, we don’t stop there. Here are two more types of men as a bonus this Christmas.

1. The perfectionist

With this word, you have already understood who we are talking about. He is obsessed with perfection and must have everything under control in order not to risk exhaustion. And one of the things that drive him crazy is his hair. He devotes time and effort, but without the right products, he never manages to achieve the desired result. He will be happy to find the solution to these problems under the Christmas tree. Give him the Nourishing Restorative Shampoo to surprise him with its gourmand notes and combine the Nourishing Restorative Butter, with which he will tame his unruly hair. Finally, a styling product such as the Texturizing Matt Effect Powder to always have control over your hairstyle and that’s it!

2. The ascetic

And finally he: solitary, contemplative and impenetrable. He is the man of mystery, always enigmatic and unpredictable, like his Christmas present. Do you want to be on the safe side? Elisir N.2 – Palo Santo is the one he will appreciate the most: an eau de parfum in harmony with his ascetic soul.