Let’s start with the best-known question: when it comes to hair what will be this fall trends? This year Bullfrog asked you this question in a survey that involved more than 400 men, loyal patrons of our barbershops.

Matt looks and comfortable and natural hairstyles seem to be the must-haves of this new season, confirming those trends that have marked this 2020 from the very beginning. We see a great variety of razor fade, each designed to meet everyone’s tastes: from the most delicate shades with soft edges to the most aggressive ones. The rest of the hair, on the other hand, remains very natural, with lengths that, although tending to short, remain variable as long as the practicality of the cut is maintained.

Here are the three trendiest cuts for this fall.


Here comes a cut that perfectly embodies the 2020 trend. In this case, we are talking about an extremely short variant, with a minimum length to allow the hair to be combed. The shade is very comfortable and high and the bangs, the characteristic of this cut, are much shorter than usual and a little wild. For this haircut, use a styling product with a matt finish such as the brand new Bullfrog Sculpting Matt Wax, to ensure that “lock effect” ideal for this cut.


In the wake of a fashion that began in 2019, we find it bolder than ever in this 2020. Very defined and tidy bangs, almost in a bold fade style, are this haircut mark, together with the very high shade, in order to emphasize the lengths on the back of the head, which remain longer and softer than the Caesar Cut. Once again, we find a matt finish and a rough texture of the hair: an effect made possible only by Bullfrog Matt Effect Texturizing Powder.


A technically very simple cut, easy to wear but still with a charisma of its own. We find a rather long hair size compared to the other cuts, with a disheveled “lock effect” where the tips gradually get thinner, as if giving the impression of a sculpted look, of order in disorder. This time, no shades that are too high, but only two points of light at the neck and sideburns. For such a natural looking cut, there is no more suitable product than Bullfrog Natural Effect Molding Paste.