We all know by now that there is a day dedicated to any subject and we couldn’t just miss hemp, one of the hottest and most controversial topics of our days. And there is actually a reason why 4/20 was designated as the day dedicated to it.

Perhaps few ones are aware that 420 is not just any number, at least not for authentic hemp lovers.

For the most experienced, in fact, it is a sacred digit which opens the gates of a “flower-power” memory straight into our days; a code name under everyone’s eyes, but secret, which inspires our imagination, and we don’t even realize this.

420 means hemp and it is always the right occasion to remind it.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that in the famous movie by Tarantino, Pulp Fiction, watches often mark 4:20, just like it is no coincidence that in 2018 Elon Musk announced his intention to sell shares of Tesla at 420 dollars and it is no coincidence that the most stolen road sign in Colorado shows the number 420.

So what’s the secret behind this number?

There is actually a legend telling the story of a group of high school students from California in 1970s. It is told that they found a treasure map that led to a cultivation of hemp.

They called themselves Waldos, because they used to meet every day in front of the same wall of their school.

Since they found the map, for the Waldos that wall was no longer just a gathering place, but somewhere to use their treasure at 4:20 pm every afternoon.

There’s no need to say that pretty soon 420 became the code name for their afternoons and a reference for the generations to come.

In particular, as already mentioned, 420 has become the distinctive feature of a very special day: April 20, which is the World Hemp Day. On this date, in fact, several events of any kind take place: from the lightest and convivial ones to the most politically engaged.

Then how could Bullfrog keep from launching the new hemp-based Botanical Lab collection on a day like this?