In the routinary frenzy that overwhelm us, a true luxury is to take time, spaces and reconnect with ourselves.

To do that. we have to find cosy places, moment of peace to take back our identity, some daily rituals made by capable hands that lead us beyond our thoughts.

Come into the barbershop and be involved in a perfect shaving, with a background music that makes that moment beautiful, 45 minutes to find the real you, is an experience to try and a perfect gift.

Beginning with hot towels that allows the skin and the hair to soften and to prepare for a dense foam that will cover all the face, thanks to a circular movement of the brush from the chin to the ear, with the sensation of softness and warmth; then enter in the first phase of shaving. Delicate but determined moves of the razor that uncover the face, making it as good as new, erasing the rush, the clock ticking; receive the other towels to re-oxygenating the skin, to allow products to be more effective and pleasent; get loose for the second shaving, that, smooth even more the face thanks to the warm of the towel that makes the parfumes of the products, exclusive and polished, fill the air stronking the mind, protecting the skin and giving a pleasent sensation.

Close the eyes and feel professionals clean the beard and massage our certainties..this is take care of yourself, to be with the eyes closed, a luxury to regenerate yourselves.

The end, with a frozen towel that refresh and restore the balance of our skin, send us back to the amazing time we spent. Now we are ready to a unique style, our feature with a new style, ready to face the reality with a new strenght.

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