Botanical Lab is Bullfrog’s laboratory dedicated to the creation of cutting-edge products, where the selection of natural raw materials of botanical origin is the basis.
One of the most recent chapters of this family, however, tells a different story, the story of a darker side of nature that takes over. It is a story in which the deeper you go, the more you risk being caught by the charm of the hidden mystery of poisonous plants that belong to a long history of mysticism and tradition.

All this, today, gives life to a new concept of Botanical Lab, that of the ancient laboratory of the alchemist, a figure on the border between imagination and reality, devoted only to achieving omniscience. Interpreting the elusive art of potions and formulas jealously kept in the secret archives of alchemists allows us to create unique products of their kind, inspired by the most ethereal atmospheres of forgotten eras.
First stop, Deadly Nightshade, a wild plant with lethal flowers for humans, which in history have been used to distil powerful poisons, but also extraordinary beauty filters. Inspired by this primordial union of mystery and beauty, we created the first Elisir, Deadly Nightshade, a vibrant, but dark-colored Eau de Parfum, from which secret and indecipherable notes stand out.

A perfume to envelop the most eclectic personalities and ascetic spirits with its sparkling, slightly citrusy onset, which hides an intense and velvety heart, where the tastes of leather blend with the softness of the tonka bean and orchid, bringing out only at the end the rougher notes of cedar and tobacco.

Are you ready to be overwhelmed by the beginning of this new saga?