Christmas is a beautiful moment of rest, sharing and meeting with loved ones, but without a doubt – and above all the period that precedes it – it is also the cause of not a little stress. The hunt for gifts looks endless with a few ideas, jumping from shop to shop in a desperate search for a never-coming inspiration.
It is such a shame, however, to be stressed in such a beautiful moment: Bullfrog, though, has the solution for you.
As promised, here is the second tip of this Christmas countdown.

If you want to spend your holidays away from stress, finding a gift easily, but above all giving a little relaxation to those who receive it, here is the gift that suits you: THE SKIN CARE ADDICT.
This gift idea, in fact, includes all the Skincare Botanical Lab products made of hemp, which together make a complete routine to feel more rested despite the Christmas frenzy.

🌱The Anti-Stress Night Mask is perfect to nourish both the beard and face skin at night or to use as an SOS treatment during the day.
🧪The Anti-Stress Hydrating Serum, with its evanescent texture deeply moisturizes the skin, giving it a visibly fresher appearance.
🍃The Anti-Stress Exfoliating Gel, a delicate scrub with hemp stem, cleanses and exfoliates the face.
♻️Finally, the brand new Oliocento, with a light texture, made of 100% naturally derived ingredients, nourishes and softens the beard, gives radiance to the hair and moisturizes the skin, making it more elastic.
In short, today’s advice is to spend a relaxing Christmas with no worries!