We often experience in our daily routine that a frantic life is a cause of stress for all of us and, as we know, stress does not only affect our quality of life, but also our physical health. And the skin is the first to be affected! It is indeed the most vulnerable part of our body.

Long periods of stress, in fact, are often the cause of dark circles, which give us a tired look. Moreover, the face looks wrinkled and the skin gets dry, making us look older. Our complexion starts fading slowly and hair hardens, which gives us a less healthy appearance.

Getting rid of these signs across our face means conquering a more peaceful, but above all healthy, lifestyle. Here’s what Bullfrog recommends.


Even a soft workout can stimulate the production of endorphins, neurotransmitters responsible for an intense feeling of pleasure and well-being. If you train regularly, you can take advantage of these benefits to set your mind free and achieve a long-lasting balance, which a sedentary life does not offer.
In short, it is indeed an actual remedy against stress.


Sleep deprivation is one of the first symptoms that occur in times of stress. The more stressed we are, the less we sleep, triggering a harmful loop that leads us to feel worse and worse. Therefore, it is extremely important, in these moments, to avoid all those behaviors that can harm our sleep, such as taking too much caffeine or eating too much right before going to bed. As soon as we start sleeping once again for the right amount of hours, a couple of nights will be enough to get rid of all those unpleasant marks on the face, like bags and dark circles, in order to get a healthier and more relaxed appearance in return.


A balanced diet is essential in order to feel well. Food, after all, is the source of all our energies and, even though our body is a powerful filter, a bad energy source will always be very harmful to us.
Even the brain benefits from a good diet and, in fact, there is a close correlation between our mood and what we eat. These two factors influence each other in a balance that we always had better observe, especially to fight the most difficult moments of stress.


Nearby the pole, where in some periods of the year daylight hardly lasts a few hours, locals managed to design “light rooms”, spaces where people can be exposed to ultraviolet radiation in order to supplement the lack of sun. Indeed, a proper exposure to the sun is essential for both our mental and physical health. Light is responsible for helping the process of calcium absorption in the bones and for regulating our circadian rhythms, biological clocks that, among other things, mark the sleep-wake cycle. For this reason, it is always a good call to spend some time in the open air, breathe deeply and let the sun shine!


As a last step aimed to fight the most visible signs of stress, a fine cosmetic routine is essential to keep the skin in a healthy and toned shape. For this reason, Bullfrog launched the new hemp based Botanical Lab collection. This ingredient, in fact, was chosen because it can give a feeling of relaxation more than any other can.
This is a collection of three treatments that fit into the perfect routine of every type of man.
In the morning, the Anti-Stress Exfoliating Gel is excellent to get rid of impurities and stress from the skin, thanks to its fragments of hemp stem, which exert a delicate scrub on the face.
A clean face, in fact, is hydrated more deeply. This is why Bullfrog designed the Anti-Stress Hydrating Serum, which makes the skin softer and brighter, erasing the signs of stress.
In the evening, the skin and the beard need to be nourished and refreshed by the Anti-Stress Night Mask, which in the morning will give you back a brighter face.