Choosing the right fragrance is anything but a simple undertaking. There are many criteria that can drive us in choosing the most appropriate scent, in the same way that we consider our choices for how we look. And just as we pay attention to getting dressed up or combing our hair for the right occasion, selecting the right notes is also a theme that should not be underestimated.
In this mini-guide, Bullfrog will help you to find the perfect match between fragrance and occasion.

Leisure time. Whether it’s a relaxing weekend or simply a drink with your friends after a day at work, there is only one message you want to convey: your “out of office” is turned on. With a few sprays of Sifnos by Womo, you’ll be on holiday straight away. Its aquatic notes will take you off to the sea wherever you are, for a nice relaxing time in the cool breeze.

Formal events. It can be an important occasion, a ceremony or just a more elegant evening than usual. What you need for these times is a refined and masculine fragrance, which brings out the sides of a distinct personality. Leather + Benzoin by Womo, with the rougher notes of leather and the enveloping benzoin, a precious resin, is the fragrance with the right intensity and charisma.

At the office. Work is perhaps one of the places where people tend to be more conventional, some more so with a jacket and tie, and others less so with a smart casual style. Regardless, a fragrance with more classic flavours is the evergreen that constantly matches any working context. In this case, Womo suggests Black Cologne, a fragrance with a surprising vibrant composition of citrus, aromatic and woody notes.

Time for romance. Moments of seduction need a category of their own, as they are a unique mix of elegance, light-heartedness and classicism. When out on a date, you want to communicate that you feel at ease, and you’re confident and self-assured, while leaving everything implied in the air. There is no better scent than Bullfrog’s Elixir N.1 to achieve this, with its eclectic and mysterious notes that exert a magnetic attraction more powerful than an alchemist’s potions.