They seemed a million miles away, yet here they are – the much yearned-for holidays. Right now, all you can think about is a far-away, sun-soaked beach, with a wonderful sea breeze. Now just one last obstacle stands between you and that image: your packing.
We, who sympathise, have decided to devote today’s article to helping you in this endeavour, recommending three travelling companions which are indispensable for enjoying your holidays as much as possible. Using these three products, you will truly be able to say you have spent your holidays in relaxation. Thanks to their innovative, hemp-based formulas, they completely do away with stress. They are also all presented in a convenient format perfect for travelling, so you can even bring them on the plane, anywhere!

🌿 Anti-Stress Exfoliating Gel
It might be difficult to believe, but beach life “pollutes” your skin a lot more than you might think. Sand, salt, but also sun cream all taint your skin and must be removed from your face on a daily basis. For this, an extremely gentle cleanser is essential! The Anti-Stress Exfoliating Gel removes all types of impurities, even in the deepest layers of your skin, granting it a long-lasting feeling of relaxation. The purifying and relaxing action of the fragments of hemp stem exerts a delicate scrub on the skin.

🌿 Anti-Stress Night Mask
The sun and the heat that you experience at the seaside might often irritate your beard. The combination of these elements tends to wear it out, making it bristlier and reducing its natural brightness.
Night-time, when your beard undergoes less stress, is one of the best times to take care of it. Apply a thin layer of the Anti-Stress Night Mask which, thanks to its rich formula containing hemp oil, will restore a softer and brighter beard when you wake up.

🌿 Anti-Stress Hydrating Serum
Your beard isn’t the only thing that suffers because of the heat. Prolonged exposure to the sun actually has numerous effects on our skin, which are more often than not harmful. The face area, which is the most delicate, ends up particularly dried out, becoming visibly drier and redder.
There is a simple solution for dealing with all these issues, without missing out on the delights of the beach. As well as making use of suitable sun protection, don’t forget the Anti-Stress Hydrating Serum, which will look after your skin, instantly hydrating it and giving it a more relaxed appearance.