You can already feel it in the air: winter is on its way. It brings with it that unmistakable woodyscent that replaces the fresh and summer notes of newly cut grass and covers the bright colours of long hot days with a blanket of pure white.
Instead of holding onto the memory of summer, isn’t it better to embrace change? And why not celebrate this by also choosing a different perfume?
So, here are the three must-haves for this winter!

Smokey notes to match the season.
The scent of a lit fireplace. The woody aromas of an almost mystical smoke, enveloped in spices that evoke a unique clash of hot and cold. Incense + Cardamom from Womo is not just a perfume for winter, it embodies the scent of winter! Let yourself be intoxicated by the velvety incense notes to reconcile yourself with the snowy season.

Warm notes to face the chill.
It is right that even your mind is kept warm when the cold takes hold and there is no better way to use a full-bodied and intense fragrance. Black Oud is the Womo branded perfume that’s perfect for you. The warm accords of oud, a rare and precious oriental note with its evocative hints of leather and incense, are blended with spicy, aromatic and woody notes in perfect harmony.

Biting notes like the cold of winter.
If your character is strong like the first chills of winter, and you are not afraid to hide it, then Secret Potion No. 2 by Bullfrog is what you are looking for. A rich and surprising composition with a secret olfactory pyramid from which only a few notes are decipherable. A perfume that certainly won’t let you go unnoticed!