Perfect shaving on an island? Don’t give up on your habits!

We selected 3 essential products for a survival shaving kit.

1. Travel Shaving Set

Carry razor an brush on travel can be more difficult than you thought. For this reason we created the Travel Shaving Set: the safety razor works with disposable blades that you can buy in place, in this way you can come out unscathed from the safety controls, while the brush close on itselfs to protect the bristles.

2. “Nomad Edition” Shaving Cream

The “Nomad Edition” Shaving Cream is designed for the nomadic man!  A resistant and light alluminium tube of 100 ml (the maximum allowable in the hand luggage) that, in absence of your beloved shavign bowl, you can whip with your hand or in a breakfast cup.

3. Agnostico

On travel habits changes, you can’t renounce to good ones: hydrate the skin after shaving it’s fundamental and Agnostico is an essential product to pack! A good idea can be to keep the bottle half-empty so you can use it on vacation and clear the space on your luggage for the return.

Have a nice trip!