Christmas, New Year ’s Eve and all the celebrations are now starting to be a far memory; the magic of the holidays quickly vanished and soon the dreaded moment arrived: that of the return.

The work takes over, we dive back into an endless series of commitments and we risk forgetting to dedicate the right care to style as well.

January is a month of new beginnings, which makes it the ideal moment to tidy up that hairstyle still ruffled from the holydays. And Bullfrog is plenty of advice for an impeccable “work look”.


An Italian classic which over time has become a paradigm of elegance in the western world. To face your return to work in style, the Italian Cut is a must! A very long cut, both on the sides and on top, structured using just a comb and scissors to highlight the natural look of the lengths. And to further emphasize the natural appeal of this hairstyle, you’ll need Natural Effect Molding Paste, which guarantees a soft and easy-to-maintain style throughout the day.


The Executive Contour is for those who dare to return to the office with a bolder look, while maintaining the right amount of elegance. The upper part of the hair is left longer while the sides and nape are faded. The fade is the distinctive element that can give this cut a variety of different styles: from more blended to more daring. Add to this bold and structured look with Super-fixing Shiny Pomade, which has a water-based formula for a strong fixing action that remains very soft on the hair.


Last but by no means least is the Structured Curly Look, the ideal cut to tame rebellious curls that have no desire to go back to work. The big challenge is finding the right balance between the natural volume of thick hair with a disheveled look but at the same time creating a well-structured base. Nourishing Grooming Cream is fundamental for achieving this effect, a cream designed to enhance curls in their natural fullness, giving volume and shine and, most importantly, eliminating the typical frizz of curly hair