We are often asked if it’s true that men will no longer have beards in 2019. From our point of view this is a rather odd question: it would be like asking if it’s true that men will stop having hair this year! Beards are a natural part of any man’s physiognomy and, as time goes by, it’s normal for the way of sporting one’s beard and its style to change, just as the styles of haircuts and hairdos change.

What we may see less of in 2019 are long, unkempt beards, a phenomenon we have been observing for a long time now. Instead there will likely be more orderly, cultivated styles, suggestive of a man who cares more about his appearance and has greater awareness and maturity when it comes to grooming.

For lovers of full beards, these will tend to be shorter with a more defined outline, especially around the cheeks. You should therefore refresh yourself not only on using a brush and scissors, but also a razor, particularly the safety razor. With just one blade, it allows you to precisely define the outline around your cheeks and under your neck. To make the job easier, we recommend our Invisible Shaving Gel: a thick treatment that lubricates the razor blade, allowing you to shave the edges whilst maintaining complete visibility of the area to be shaved, for neat, precise lines.

Those who prefer to use an electric razor will appreciate the return of the three-day beard and, more generally, beards shorter than 1 cm. It happens to be the style that Tom Hardy and Armie Hammer have recently adopted, great icons of men’s style. This style can easily be adapted to different types of men but has always been the preferred option for younger guys, allowing them to demonstrate a greater level of maturity whilst also maintaining a freshness of face. Here we must not forget that frequent use of an electric razor tends to dry out the skin, which should be constantly hydrated, not only in the beard area but over the whole face. We recommend our Agnostico All-in-one Balm, a light emulsion, ideal for hydrating both the beard and skin.

A particularly interesting way of enhancing this style is the fusion between the beard length and the shades in the hair, a detail which has a big impact for those who are most attentive to their appearance.

Finally, those who have made the decision to cut their beard can rediscover the pleasure of the daily shave. Nowadays, a completely cleanshaven face is more astonishing than a more coarse-looking one, and has to be constantly maintained. Jared Leto can testify to this: he recently baffled his more than 10 million Instagram followers with a video in which he shaves off his whole beard, resetting a bygone trend. There are also the new celebrities Timotée Chalamet and Troye Sivan whose clean looks have always been emblematic of their style. Pre shave oil and a soft cream, which you can apply with a shaving brush, will therefore act as their most faithful companions and might encourage them to rediscover the old tradition of the reinvigorating and refreshing aftershave lotion.