She is the most popular tattoo artist in the scene of Milan. Acing video clips and fashion shows, Stefania Pallestrini is a girl with a tough personality and a strong hand, who passionately seeks a new canon of beauty completely out of the box. Many Bullfrog barbers bring her beautiful drawings on the skin and in 2018 she became our Bullfrog Artist, in a collaboration that gave birth to wonderful limited editions. How does a tattoo artist deal with this quarantine? We asked her directly.

What is your typical day in quarantine?

This whole quarantine is a very particular situation and somehow even my typical day has become so. It is a bit as if the days had reversed, a kind of inversion between day and night. It ends up that during the day I sleep a good part of the time and at night, I am awake. How do I spend time? Playing videogames, designing denim jackets and smoking way too many cigarettes. –She confesses, laughing. –

Are you still able, somehow, to realize your art?

Unfortunately, I can no longer fully express my art, my creativity. Given the current situation, it has been two months since I have been unable to practice my job. Nevertheless, I won’t give up! This whole matter, however depressing, is not enough to suppress my artistic impulses. For example, now I have started to create jackets. I simply start with garments that I no longer wear and personalize them with my drawings, giving them a new life. The thing that pleases me is that the people who saw them were literally crazy about them!

 Is there an art form that you rediscovered during the quarantine?

Actually, yes, there is an art form that I enjoyed discovering. In this last period, I ‘ve been down for photography. I really tried to imagine photos that had particularities, which expressed my artistic sense. The idea was born from my girlfriend, who then became herself my subject. She has an artistic profile and therefore, from a photographic point of view, she has needs that must combine well with her character. Really cool shots came out: I was inspired and I came up with some nice ideas.

What is the first thing you will do as soon as the quarantine is over?

I will be happy again as soon as I step out of here. I can’t wait to go out, make my way to the studio and make my first tattoo after three months. And then I’ll go back home to hug all my friends again and I’m sure we’ll spend the whole night partying! – She explains me dreamily. –

What is your relationship with Bullfrog products?

For the job I do, the product that deserves most a mention is the Tattoo Shine Butter, which really takes care of the tattoo, giving it a new brightness. Also the Anti-stress Night Mask gives its results, softening the skin of the face in a unique way! And last the fragrances … the best I’ve ever used!