Today we talked to one of the artists who fully embodie the Bullfrog man’s identity: a “dandy delinquent”, as he likes to be called, who gets inspired from his nomadic and cosmopolitan lifestyle, from his frequent travels and his passion for tattoos and engines. In his artistic production, Ramon Maiden reworks vintage images such as pin-ups, ancient sacred political propagandas and old icons, enriching these images with tattoos and his creativity. And many of his pictures are admired in numerous exhibitions in New York and London galleries. His completely tattooed characters are imbued with symbolism and mysticism, as he aims to portray the darker sides of society: who is forgotten, who lives on the edge. But what is like this quarantine for an artist like him? We just asked him.

How is your typical quarantine day?

I usually work from home, so after all these quarantine days are not that different from a regular day for me. Of course, now I try to maintain a routine that somehow keeps me busy. Therefor I usually get up early in the morning and try to combine the day with work, exercise and, obviously, some leisure activities. Besides, now I also have time to start all those projects that I had in mind for a long time, like new art collaborations.

What are your sources of inspiration now?

I get most of my inspiration from my travels, which is what I probably miss the most. There are a lot of things that you can’t find in books or on the internet. Traveling brings me fresh ideas and most of all it also allows me to collect all those physical images that later I use in my works.

How did quarantine affect your work?

I’m actually more productive than before. I’m a workaholic, I love what I do, and having more time is kinda dangerous for those like me –He explains me almost laughing-. I’m also working on my second book and having a lot of time now is allowing me to make a lot of progress. If nothing bad happens, it will be ready when the confinement ends.

Is there any form of art you discovered throughout this quarantine?

I have always been kinda reluctant to digital drawing, but these days I am getting started with it and with collage as well. Let’s just say this is what I discovered these days.

What will you do first as soon as quarantine is over?

The first thing I am going to do is go see my family and pick up my dog.  My parents live in the countryside and I left my dog ​​with them. I live in a tiny apartment and she has more space there but I do miss her and my family so much!

What is your relationship with Bullfrog products?

I know very well the Secret Potion N.2 Saga, which I worked on: the fragrance, the shower gel and the shaving cream. Working with Bullfrog was one of the coolest projects I’ve been working on. It was very interesting to see how easily we got together and all the things we had in common even without knowing each other personally. I have a very good memory of what we did together and also of the show in Milan, such a cool times. I hope we can do more things in the future.