The Pompadour style is a haircut that became popular from the 18th century onwards, and was very fashionable in the 1950s, taking its name from Madame de Pompadour. It is a mid-length cut with a raised quiff over the forehead.

In its classic version the hair is gently brushed back and slightly to the side at its highest point.

The ability of the barber lies in creating the shape solely through the skilful use of the scissors, exalting the natural beauty of the hair

There are many famous people known for having sported this style, but the most representative include Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, James Dean and Buddy Holly. Inspired by Elvis’s famous quiff, this hairstyle was adopted in Italy in the 1960s by singers such as Little Tony and Bobby Solo.

This style, popular among the majority of young 1950s fans of Rock ‘n’ Roll music, needs to be firmly held with a generous dose of Super-Fixing Shiny Pomade, which guarantees an extra-strong hold all day, or with the Fixing Hair Tonic, ideal as a finishing touch for a long-lasting look.