Our #hairchallenge is now coming to an end and these steps that we propose to reach this week goal are essential. Yes, because today we talk about looks and, let’s face it, hair can also be healthy and radiant, but it will never be the same without the order and discipline of a hairstyle done properly. After all, even if locked at home, opportunities to think about styling are not missing. We are always live with remote meetings, video calls with distant friends and much more, so today we’ll find out how to look awesome!



Today tips concern three very different styles, to meet the tastes of you all and match the right personality.

Soft and natural look. Natural is perhaps the word that most matches with men’s hairstyles. Especially because a look of this type is easily obtainable regardless of the kind of hair. Whether you have straight or wavy hair, long or short, it makes no difference. What matters is your desire to smooth it free to express itself with its shapes. To emphasize its naturalness by giving it order and soft shapes, the Natural Effect Molding Paste is the right product for you. After the shower, apply it on slightly damp hair and shape your favorite hairstyle with your fingers. The product will be a flexible scaffold for your natural and remodeling look throughout the day. All you need to do is gently pass a hand through your hair to change the movements of your hairstyle, showing off a simple, natural and always different look.

Bright look and super definition. Are you looking for the perfect trick to get a shiny hair and an ultra-defined texture? Your research ends here today, because Bullfrog offers you the perfect product for you: the Super-fixing Shiny Pomade. It is a water-based formulation, gentle on the hair but with a hold that resists throughout the day. The use is very easy. Apply the product with your fingers on the hair when it is still wet and shape your favorite hairstyle. If you want an even more defined effect, you just have to help yourself with the Womo Hair Comb. Slide the hair between the thin dents of the comb; the pomade will be distributed evenly over the hair, giving you thin and ultra-defined tuft.

Sculpted look. Undoubtedly one of the most fashionable looks at the moment. Perfect for those cuts that emphasize the front lengths, gradually fading on the sides. If what you want, therefore, is a thick tuft effect as carved in stone, immediately equip yourself with the Matt Effect Structuring Putty. The clay-based formula will blend into your hair, providing a strong texture for your look. Apply it on dry hair and shape it strand by strand by twisting it around your fingers. In five minutes, you will get your favorite look.