Today, with the fifth stop of our journey, we are approaching the final steps of this #hairchallenge that started on Monday. A challenge mostly with ourselves, to rediscover the beauty of our hair and, above all, to show that these long days of reclusion in our homes do not stop us.
Just keep going like this, having fun experimenting with new uses of your favorite products if you are a Bullfrog expert, or discovering products still unknown for the less experienced. But above all, enjoy the results you deserved!



It is a detail which we hardly think about, yet it also has its importance. When we talk about perfume, in fact, the last thing we think about is that of our hair, but it can bear as well a good fragrance. And wouldn’t it be perfect if that fragrance was ours? Most shampoos certainly leave a good smell on the hair, but will never have the same effect as a shampoo combined with our favorite perfume or, even better, with a Multiuse Shower Gel.

Today, therefore, we are talking about three great classics of the Bullfrog world:
• Secret Potion N.1 A bold perfume that evokes the bitter aftertaste of spirits such as whiskey or rum, creating pungent onset, which show their rougher soul only at a later time. A tribute to those forbidden atmospheres of the speak-easy of the past.
• Secret Potion N.2 A fragrance that draws inspiration from the vibrations coming from the studio in which the artist works. The hard metallic notes of the pen and the dark heart of the ink mix in this revolutionary mixture full of mystery and symbolism, with a rich and unpredictable composition.
• Secret Potion N.3 An essence that praises freedom with its fresh notes similar to a light breeze on the skin. Its rigorously secret olfactory pyramid recalls the story of a man riding his motorcycle at the beginning of a journey to freedom.

So, today in the shower, choose your favorite Secret Potion and let yourself be enveloped by the soft foam and the pleasant notes, to give your hair a perfume they have never had.