The fourth day of the #hairchallenge by Bullfrog has arrived. For those of you who have just tuned in, there is no need to fear. You are always in time to go through the first steps of this seven-day guide from the beginning to rediscover the care of your hair and maybe a new look. We have a lot of time for sure these days and it could be the right opportunity to learn to appreciate a whole series of good habits that we are sharing with you step by step. So take your time to catch up, if you haven’t already done so, and go straight to practice!



Who said that with a single shot you cannot take care of the health of your hair and at the same time of your look? In fact, this is not the time to let go and neglect your appearance. Not only because technology allows us to keep our relationships live, but above all because it is a gesture of well-being and respect for ourselves, which can make us feel better, allowing us to face these difficult days with more determination and confidence.

In today’s routine, therefore, our first proposal is the Texturising Salt Spray. It is a very particular solution with a biphasic formula, which means that it contains two immiscible substances by nature; in this case a liquid and an oily part. The concentrated seawater, rich in Brittany gray salt, has a high mineral content, which, in addition to remineralizing the hair fibers, making them stronger, is responsible for the volumizing effect on the hair. On the other hand, the vegetable oils that make up the second phase, the oily one, offer rich nourishment for the hair, giving it a healthier and very natural appearance. Despite the complex formula, the use is very simple. Being a biphasic product, it is necessary to shake it vigorously before use. The solution, therefore, becomes temporarily homogeneous and it is now possible to apply it, because all the ingredients of the formula have been mixed, ensuring an effective performance. What you will get is an extremely natural look given by a more voluminous hair and waves that have been modeled on your hair, perfectly recreating a typical beach effect.

However, it does not end here, because for those who do not like this look, we have the solution for you. If your hair doesn’t just cannot stay tidy these days and maybe you don’t feel like making any effort to tame it, once again Bullfrog offers you the perfect product.

The Super Hold Fixing Spray with its light and delicate texture is extremely easy to use: in a single shot, it offers order and definition even to the most difficult hair. It ensures a high hold, thanks to its formula, which makes it capable to merge with hair fibers, defining them without weighing them down and, above all, without leaving residues. Vaporize as you wish and you’re done!

Even today our advice ends here. But we’ll see you tomorrow with a new routine.