It is true, we are all stuck within the walls of our home, feeling lost without being able to carry out all those activities that now seem so far away. Yet time does not stop, but rather, when it comes to the care of our hair it seems to even flow faster. And in fact here we are, on the third day of our #hairchallenge, with new and precious tips for you.
The rules are the same as yesterday and the day before: take five minutes to study the theory and immediately go to practice. We will guide you step by step.


Once again the time has come for a routine that starts in the shower. Yes, because keeping your hair always clean is a basic requirement for a successful outcome of this challenge.
It’s true, you already washed your hair on Monday, you will tell us. Maybe it’s too early for another wash?
The answer is very simple: no! At least not if you have the right product with you. Too frequent washing, in fact, can result in stress for the hair. But this goes for the most common shampoos, those that are a little more aggressive on the skin, which are excellent for one, maximum two weekly washes.

The Delicate Cleansing Fluid, however, is all another matter. As the name itself suggests, its formulation goes beyond simple shampoo. It is a fresh texture that flows on the hair with extreme delicacy, dragging impurities with it and respecting the physiological balance of the hair and scalp. In fact, the soothing and revitalizing properties of the botanical active ingredients that compose it – first the tomato with its unmistakable green notes – make it a product suitable for cases of sensitivity and irritation of the skin and for frequent washing.
Apply a little product on wet hair and on the beard and massage with your fingers until you get a very thin layer of foam. Then rinse and enjoy by the fresh and enveloping fragrance. You will instantly find soft, full-bodied, restructured and radiant hair and beard.

The steps to be followed, however, are not yet finished, because the time has come to dry your hair, an operation that requires care and attention and, nevertheless, one of the most underrated. Yes, because we often do not think about it, but the heat of the hairdryer inevitably causes damage to the hair structure if exposed too long, with excessive intensity and too heat.
Bullfrog, therefore, has thought of the solution for this common problem, designing a multi-action product.

The Energising Scalp Lotion is a serum with a rich formulation, but with an evanescent texture. Apply the product with the help of the practical trichological dispenser directly on the scalp and start rubbing vigorously with your fingers: you will reactivate the microcirculation of the scalp, strengthening the hair. Enjoy the immediate sensation of freshness while the product also meets the hair during the massage. The acidic pH of the Energising Lotion will restore the balance of the hair, giving it a new light. But more importantly, the product will be a shield against the harmful action of the hair dryer. Now you just have to dry your hair without fear and, once again, let yourself be surprised by the pleasant notes of the tomato, which will emphasize even more the scent of the shampoo.

Hair mission accomplished. See you tomorrow with new tips!