Your wait didn’t last long. In fact, here we are on the second day of our #hairchallenge, a week to rediscover the care of your hair during this prolonged period at home. It is still early to observe decisive results, but surely, if yesterday you followed us, today you can start to feel a new softness for your hair.
So let yourself be pushed by the enthusiasm of these first improvements and keep it up, following step by step the advice that we will share with you.


The routine we are talking about today gets immediately to a crossroads and it is up to you to choose a path according to your hair type. Not all the hair, in fact, are the same and right because of their differences, they require specific care and treatment.
After all, it is diversity that makes our hair unique and emphasizing the differences with the right products is the best way to take care of yourself. So let’s find out how.

Wavy, curly, frizzy hair.
If you belong to this group, your number one enemy is that indomitable wave that just doesn’t want to stay tidy. You have probably tried every shampoo or foam to get the right compromise between volume and natural look and to defeat that fizziness for the last time, but the results have never really satisfied you.
What we offer you today is a product designed just for you: the Nourishing Grooming Cream. The formula is specifically designed to tame frizz and enhance curls in their natural fullness, giving volume, order and shine to your hair.
But above all it intensely nourishes the hair, thanks to selected botanical ingredients, which act to restore a softer and hydrated hair from root to tip.
An opportunity, therefore, also to adjust your look. Take a generous amount of product and distribute it with your hands on damp hair, modeling the shape of the curl with your fingers. The hair will appear defined and flexible, regaining its shape, strength and brightness, for a soft and natural final styling.

Smoother, thinner, dry hair.
For you who belong to this category, it’s another matter. You have mostly thin hair, which is always dry and very easily damaged. It doesn’t take much to ruin them or provide further dryness: the warm air of the hairdryer, a slightly more intense shampoo, a moment of stress more acute than usual. And this moment, undoubtedly, is one of those.
Once again, there is an easy solution for you: Oliocento, a light-body oil that promises to eradicate stress. Give up everything you know about oils, because this cutting edge formula will surprise you. Its dry texture, in fact, will not leave the slightest trace of grease on your hair, but rather will merge with it, hydrating, softening, nourishing and untangling it. Yes, this and much more, because Bullfrog’s first 100% natural product has such an original name for 100 reasons and 100 different actions.
Today, therefore, help yourself with the dropper to distribute the product over the lengths and help yourself with the practical Womo Hair Comb to make the application homogeneous and untangle easily.
No rinsing. Let it act for a few minutes and your hair will already be dry and shinier than ever.

Do not miss day 3! See you tomorrow.