Just get along with it. Being stuck within the walls of our home is not easy and it makes us unenthusiastically give up on a whole series of habits that marked the days of our normality. The best way to accept it and – why not? – to take advantage of it is only one: to create new habits. If this last week has passed under the banner of the beard challenge, from today Bullfrog offers you seven more days  to discover step by step the perfect routine to take care of your hair with awareness and style. Are you ready to discover brand new hair at the end of our #hairchallenge?



The routine we are talking about today takes place entirely in the shower because, as we often say, proper cleansing is the springboard towards a beautiful and healthy hair. Don’t make the easy mistake of thinking that, being stuck at home, hair requires less attention, because it actually do. Always treat it with the same commitment, even if you have suspended all those activities that tend to wear them down or dirty them more.

Today, therefore, equip yourself with the obligatory Nourishing Restorative Shampoo, designed not only to give a deep cleansing to hair and beard with its surfactant formula, but also to nourish and revitalize them with the help of the several botanical active ingredients that make up its formulation. This product is particularly suitable in cases of dryness: with its dense texture it wraps the hair from root to tip, restructuring it and returning it softer and stronger than ever. In today’s shower, apply a small amount to your hair, massaging with your fingers until a thick foam is obtained. Leave on for a few minutes and, before rinsing, take a few moments to enjoy the unmistakable gourmand notes of the pistachio fragrance.

But now is not the time to get out of the shower. This routine would remain incomplete if we did not use the after-shampoo treatment designed especially for this perfect match. The Nourishing Restorative Butter is a hair and beard conditioner, which stands out for the same soft and enveloping texture as the product which it shares its name with. It is precisely its conditioning power and its ultra detangling action that work on the softness of the hair, ensuring a rich source of nourishment. And its advantages do not end there: its chemical structure allows it to create a protective film around the hair, which persists even after rinsing. This way your hair will enjoy an effective shield against impurities and the most wearing agents, common enemies of our hair. The use is very simple: apply some product on the hair after shampooing, a gentle massage with your fingers and a pleasant rinse under the shower, once again in the name of sweet pistachio notes.

Your job is done today and your hair is already thanking you. Now you just have to stay tuned for tomorrow’s advice!