And here we are at the last day of our now usual #groomingchallenge. We spent a week together, retracing step by step the salient features of some of the most well-known Bullfrog products, rediscovering their often unexpected uses and peculiarities. To give an end to this marathon, today we are talking about a new product that probably many of you have not yet had the opportunity to discover. Once again, make yourself comfortable and discover many news with us.


The theme of the day is the haircare and beardcare combo and, more specifically, the new conditioner just launched by Bullfrog: the Nourishing Restorative Butter.
It is precisely a hair and beard conditioner, which stands out for the same soft and enveloping texture of the Nourishing Restorative Shampoo, with which it does not only share the name. Its conditioning power and its ultra detangling action work on the softness of the hair and beard, ensuring a rich source of nourishment.

And its advantages do not end there: its chemical structure allows it to create a protective film around hair and beard, which persists even after rinsing. This way your hair and beard will enjoy a valid shield against impurities and the most wearing agents, common enemies.

The use is very simple: apply the product after shampooing, a gentle massage with your fingers and a pleasant rinse under the shower jet.

But now we must reveal a secret, because this is not the only use you can make of the product. If you want to accentuate its softening and detangling effects and have a healthy and well-fed hair and beard in a short time, you just have to apply a veil of product without rinsing it. Don’t worry, its light texture will be able to wrap without weighing it down and, above all, without leaving any residue other than a pleasant scent.