Another day of forced break at home, another day of #groomingchallenge. Today as well, take a few minutes to dedicate yourself to this journey to rediscover your favorite products and you may find out that Bullfrog has brought something with more uses than you expected in your home.


Today we are talking about Botanical Lab and, more specifically, of a product that has immediately conquered a space in the heart of our customers: the Anti-stress Night Mask.

For those who still do not know, it is a light and enveloping emulsion, perfect for taking care of the beard and face, moisturizing the skin and regenerating the beard during night sleep. Its conditioning formula restores a sleeker and softer beard upon awakening, nourishing it with its natural active ingredients and ensures deep hydration to the skin, giving it radiance.

What nobody knows for sure, however, is that the night mask is equally effective on hair. No wonder. After all, the structure of the beard is very similar to that of the hair and both consist of keratin. Trust our advice: its conditioning formula will revitalize both the beard and the hair.

Get ready to take a test tonight. Dispense the product on your hands and distribute it on your hair as you would on your beard. The very light texture will wrap the hair, but will not weigh it down. Leave the fear of greasy hair, because despite being without rinsing, this mask will not leave any residue on waking, unless soft and shiny hair.