Keeping a beard is serious matter and our recent #beardchallenge has shown us how many gestures we can do to take care of it. As we have often said, hygiene is one of the crucial points of the wellness routine for the beard and as far as this is concerned, we have mentioned the Beard-washing Exfoliating Paste several times. Today, however, in the spirit of this #groomingchallenge rediscovering our favorite products, we talk about this best seller from a completely new angle.


The Beard-washing Exfoliating Paste is ideal for deeply cleansing the beard and obtaining a more shiny, soft and tidy appearance. The exfoliating particles used are sugar grains, softening and water-soluble: the beard is thus softer and the rinse particularly easy. The formula also contains a special anti-smell ingredient of vegetable origin, perfect to help remove the smell of food or smoke from the beard.

Perhaps, however, you never thought that this product could also have other uses. It is still a scrub and thanks to the very energetic but respectful exfoliating action of the skin thanks to the granules of sugar, you can use it on the whole body, smoothing the skin, removing impurities and mechanically stimulating the physiological cell turnover of our skin.

Take a test now! Before taking a shower, spread a little product with one hand on the area of ​​the body you want to exfoliate. Its extremely soft consistency will help you distribute it evenly. Then massage vigorously for a few minutes and continue the massage in the shower. In contact with the water, the sugar balls will become thinner and thinner, until a thin layer of perfumed foam takes them away. And you will see that rinsing a scrub has never been easier.

Needless to remind you that sugar is an organic substance that, unlike many others, does not pollute once it is expelled from the shower drain! In short, a green choice and a pleasant rediscovery for your skin!