The French Crop is an extremely easy hairstyle to manage, ideal for those looking for a comb-free cut!

The French Crop is very similar to the Caesar Cut.

It differs from the Caesar cut in that with the French Crop, the quiff is longer, as is the hair towards the top.

With this style, the sides are shorter than the top, creating a lock of hair which is either left free above the forehead or slightly moved to the sides.

Thanks to its variations, the French Crop suits almost all kinds of hair, from straight to curly, without ever losing its fundamental characteristics.

Variations include the French Crop Fade, the Textured French Crop, the French Crop Undercut and the Curly French Crop.

The cut can be managed with the Matte-Effect Structuring Putty, with a long-lasting matt finish for more constructed styles, or with the Nourishing Grooming Cream, a cream designed to tame frizz and enhance the natural volume of curls, providing volume and shine.