Having a beard is a serious matter.

It’s necessary to think about taking care of it every day in the right way and with the right products.

A problem that affects every bearded man is the bad smell of food, smoke and other substances with which we come into contact every day and that beard absorbs.

Maybe it’s not a problem we notice, but it could be a nuisance for the people around us.

Here are some simple tips to keep your beard clean and eliminate bad smells:


Daily cleaning of the beard is the first step to keep it clean and fragrant. Bullfrog has designed an ideal product to wash your beard daily and give it a very special fragrance.
The Delicate Cleansing Fluid is a beard shampoo designed for a daily cleansing of the beard. Its formula is composed of 97% ingredients derived from natural raw materials. In particular tomato extract, peppermint extract and liquorice extract.
The fragrance, unusual and surprising, that has as main note the tomato leaf.


A daily cleaning of the beard may not be enough. It’s therefore advisable also a deeper cleaning, a couple of times a week, that goes to cleanse not only the beard but also the skin of the underlying face.
The Bullfrog Beard-Washing Exfoliating Paste is the product for you!
The Beard-Washing Exfoliating Paste is ideal for deep cleansing the beard and for a more polished, soft and tidy look. The exfoliating particles used are granules of sugar, softening and water-soluble: the beard is thus softer and the rinsing particularly easy. The formula contains a special anti-odor ingredient of plant origin, perfect to help eliminate the smell of food or smoke from the beard.


After a good cleaning of the beard the final gesture is to make it softer and hydrated with the right product.
Agnostico – All-in-one Balm is the product that is right for you.
It is a multifunctional conditioner essential to soften and moisturize even the most rebellious beards.
The fragrance is an unmistakeable woody, aromatic cocktail, characterised by aniseed top notes, leather and tobacco middle notes and Bay Rum base notes, a rum historically produced in the Caribbean and used as an aftershave-cologne, which give the fragrance an intensity and a trail lasting 6-8 hours.

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