Beards and moustaches are a way to convey your personality and character: they can be aggressive, refined, pointed and geometric, extravagant for an artistic look, unkempt and untidy to reveal a rebellious nature or traditional to symbolize wisdom and maturity.

Beard and hair styles are a means to change identity, to transform oneself; they are platforms for experimentation and expression of style.

Some of the best known beard and moustache styles are:


The perfect combination of elegance and audacity, this beard is very bushy around the jawbone and thinner at the cheeks. It softens angular and pointy faces. It is important to trim the beard with a trimmer, shaping it into a point at the end in the process.


A beard that is long at the chin, with or without moustache and no sideburns, perfect for square or angular faces as it softens and refines the face. Just grow the beard and moustache and then focus on completing shaving your sideburns.


Perfect for faces with long foreheads or chins, this particular type of beard, which recalls the Seventies, grows along with the cheeks, sideburns and moustache, leaving the chin completely shaved. It balances longer faces, making them original and interesting. It is a very easy beard to maintain, while the initial cut and shaping are more complex.


Perfect for pointy or angular faces as it softens and embraces the face, this beard should not be longer than two fingers below the chin. As well as constant shaping with a comb and scissors, use of a beard tonic is recommended to soften the hair, with consequent benefits for the skin beneath.


The most common moustache type in the world is the easiest to obtain, for those who want a moustache but do not have much time to dedicate to it. The moustache grows naturally and must be looked after so as not to grow too much (no more than 1.5cm length). It is recommended to use specific beard and moustache scissors to trim it.


A very sophisticated and elegant moustache, which adds class and refinement, and frames the upper lip. It is suited to oval or rounded faces. Pencil moustaches are thin, defined and precise, with a maximum length of 1-2mm. They require constant and maniacal care.


Horseshoe moustaches are thick in the middle and then skillfully taper down to frame the mouth. They need to be cared for and shaped on a weekly basis to keep them tidy. The ideal length is 3-5mm and the arms need to reach the chin. Ideal for a tough, masculine look on a structured face and for a striking style, typically used by bikers.