This period of forced break at home is certainly upsetting, but it could be the chance, for example, to dedicate at least a week to the care of our beard! For each day of this challenge, Bullfrog recommends a special routine for a brand new beard at the end of the week.
Curious to find out what look you will end up with?


To take care of the beard in a careful and effective way, specific cleansing is needed as the first step of each routine, which guarantees an intense purifying action, but at the same time offers delicacy and respect for the skin.
Our advice can only be the Beard-washing Exfoliating Paste, formulated only with delicate ingredients. Thanks to its very fine grains of sugar, it manages to reach the epidermis, offering effective cleansing even to the skin. In addition, the advantage of using natural and water-soluble exfoliating particles is to rinse the product perfectly without feeling any residue.
Then, apply a little amount of paste on wet beard. Gently massage a few minutes to cleanse and activate the scrub effect on the skin and finally rinse the thick foam.

The steps, however, do not end there. Especially if you have been neglecting your beard for some time, you will most likely find it brittle, dull and dry. Again choosing the right product can make all the difference.
It could be the right opportunity to test Bullfrog’s new Nourishing Restorative Butter, a conditioner also designed for the beard, with a soft and enveloping texture, which contains the unmistakable pistachio fragrance.
In this case, apply some product after cleansing, as the beard is still wet. Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes and rinse: you will be instantly given back a softer, brighter and easier to comb beard.

As far as this is concerned, if the length of the beard allows you, it is the ideal time to brush it with the strong bristles of the Bullfrog Beard Brush. Beard hair will detangle very easily, leaving it tidy and soft.

You can stop here for today, but see you tomorrow for the second day of this #beardchallenge.