Our #beardchallenge is now about to end and these, even if they are the last steps to be taken before reaching this week’s goal, are of decisive importance. What has now become clear from these challenging days is that beard is a serious matter and taking care of it requires special attention to the products we use, the way we apply them and even when we do it. The routine we suggest you today is certainly no exception, so as always, take your time and get ready to act on our suggestions.



At this point of the challenge, even the most difficult beards will certainly have surrendered to the conditioning effects of our most enveloping textures. Just put a hand over your face if you don’t believe it and enjoy the delicacy that the beard will give you back. Today, however, we talk about style, because the beard, even if healthy and soft, will never be perfect if you neglect the look. Here, then, how to take care of this feature as well.

First of all, get an All-in-One Beard Oil and, with the help of the dropper, distribute some product on the beard; a few drops for the shortest ones, a few more drops for the longest and thickest ones. In fact, softening the hair is essential before proceeding with the actual styling and this oil, with its extremely rich formula, is perfect in this regard and also to provide a source of nourishment.

Its advantages do not end there. Its fragrance is that of one of the most appreciated fragrances by our customers, the Secret Potion N.1, designed specifically to leave a pleasant scent on your beard throughout the day. And if that’s not enough, why don’t you take the chance to spray some of the eau de Parfum? Do not make the mistake of believing that it is not worth it when confined within the walls of your home. Wearing our favorite fragrance is a gesture that we do first for ourselves, improving our well-being and putting ourselves in a good mood to face this period of forced break.

Then, if the length of your beard allows you, help yourself with the Beard Brush to even out the amount of oil you have applied over the entire beard. Pass it from the root to the tips and immediately you will have a beard not only softer but, above all, beautiful and well-ordered.

At this point, only one last step remains. With its Mustache Wax Bullfrog offers you the possibility to fix over time the order that you managed to get from your beard. In fact, with a simple gesture, creative and defined styles can be shaped and the elastic and moldable texture gives a structured and long-lasting look. Simply take a small dose of product with your fingers, warm it a little in your hands and shape the mustache and beard according to your taste and you’re done.

Now you just have to enjoy your new look for a long time and stay tuned for the final day of our #beardchallenge.