Here we are again at our usual #beardchallenge. If you followed our advice yesterday evening, today your beard will thank you. But the time to stay home is not over yet and our advice – fortunately for your beard – continues. Ready? Off to our challenge.



You followed our tips, but you still feel that your beard tends to be a bit bristly and dry? Do not be upset; some types of hair are by their nature harder, but today we recommend not one, but two specific products to overcome these common troubles, while comfortably in the shower.

That of the brittle, bristly and dry beard, in fact, is a problem that affects most men and for this reason Bullfrog has thought of a product that nourishes and softens it already through the washing phase: the Nourishing Restorative Shampoo. This shampoo, designed both for beard and hair, has nourishing and revitalizing properties derived from the botanical active ingredients that make up the formulation, making it a super effective product for cases of dryness, nourishing deeply, with the result of a softer beard and -of course- well cleaned. When you take a shower today, bring the nourishing shampoo with you and apply a small amount on your beard, massaging with your fingers until you get a thick foam. Leave on for a few minutes, savoring the unmistakable pistachio fragrance – the most loved by Bullfrog customers – and rinse.

But, as promised, it didn’t end there. In fact Bullfrog has thought of combining an after shampoo product, with the same active ingredients and fragrance. It is precisely the Nourishing Restorative Butter. It is a beard and hair conditioner that is inspired by the most classic formulations, with a soft and enveloping texture, which once again contains the pistachio fragrance, now the signature of this line. Thanks to its conditioning power and its ultra detangling action, this conditioner is perfect for improving the softness of the beard and for ensuring a rich source of nourishment for the hair bulb. The use is easy: some product on the beard after shampooing, a gentle massage with your fingers and a pleasant rinse under the shower jet. You will immediately notice how your beard is softer and healthier. Remember, however, that for a more intense and enveloping treatment it is possible to apply a little product immediately after the shower, even without rinsing, thanks to its texture so light that it does not weigh down.

Stay tuned for the sixth day of our challenge, with the latest tips coming.