Here we are on the fourth day of this challenge. Now your beard should have already achieved remarkable results, but it is not over. Today is a challenge dedicated to one of the most important parts for the care of your beard: the night one. The format is always the same, make yourself comfortable and start using our advice starting from tonight itself.



The night is a part that is often forgotten when it comes to beard care. Although often overlooked, however, this is one of the most important routines in order to get a neat and soft beard. The night, in fact, is the moment when, just like our skin, the beard is more receptive and, therefore, it is a strategic moment to act.

For the well-being of your beard during sleep, Bullfrog has designed a product with a very expert name, but very easy to use: the Anti-stress Night Mask, a recent launch of the Botanical Lab collection.

This means – by now you know – that it is part of that family of products of the highest quality, with a selection of natural raw materials of botanical origin. In this case, hemp oil is the secret ingredient of this light and enveloping emulsion, perfect to take care of the beard and face at night, thanks to its moisturizing and regenerating action.

Apply it, therefore, before going to bed, leaving it on until absorbed and, above all, with the advantage of not having to rinse it off. You will immediately notice a feeling of well-being, emphasized by its fragrance with green notes and as soon as you wake up, you will be given back a softer and brighter beard.

So what about the morning? Simple, the mask is completely dried and the only residue you shall find on your beard is that of the feeling of relaxation that the product has left you.

No rinsing, therefore, but rather apply some Agnostico, for a softer, brighter and even more fragrant beard!

See you here tomorrow with the next episode!