Third day, third step of the #beardchallenge  by Bullfrog. If you have kept up with our suggestions, your beard is already saying thank you. What is for sure, however, is that the time has not yet come to stop! There are still many things to do and – better for our beard – there’s time now. By now you know what to do: ready to put our advice into practice?



As we have learned by now, the hygiene of our beard is an essential starting point for its well-being and, consequently, its beauty. The beginning of our challenge saw a deep cleansing action with the Beard-washing Exfoliating Paste. Now is the time to keep it clean, helping us with a mild detergent, which also respects the skin while still giving an impeccable cleansing. If you are wondering which product you should use, the answer is quite simple: the Delicate Cleansing Fluid.

It is a shampoo for hair and beard, formulated to help restore skin balance. Thanks to its properties and its naturally derived active ingredients, among which the tomato extract stands out, it is suitable for the most sensitive skins and for frequent washing.

The best way to use it is quite easy: when you take a shower today, apply the product on your hands and distribute it on your beard, exercising a gentle massage. Finally, rinse in the shower the thin layer of foam and you will get back a clean and very fragrant beard.

The steps of this day, however, do not end here. After a few days without regulating it, most likely the time has come to adjust the beard and, since the goal is not only to have it softer and brighter, but also more tidy, now we need to act.

Modeling the beard to redefine its shape is not always simple, but with the right tools it can be so easy.

Get an Invisible Shaving Gel, a fresh transparent gel for an accurate and high-precision shave. Its structure allows you to create a thin layer of protection between the razor blade and the skin, reducing the risk of redness, cuts and scratches.

For a flawless shave you just have to hold the Safety Razor and slide the blade over the edges of the beard, clearly visible thanks to the transparency of the gel.

For today it can be enough. See you tomorrow for the fourth stage of the #beardchallenge.