Here we are, on the second day of our #beardchallenge in this period of forced vacation. If you started following our advice yesterday, surely you will also have started to notice the first results. But don’t be fooled. The road to a perfect beard is still long and it goes on with the routine we suggest you today. So make yourself comfortable, read and move quickly from theory to practice.


Having a healthy beard means being able to show a beard that is bright, soft and easy to comb. As we saw yesterday, the starting point is a deep and constant hygiene, but this is not enough. When we talk about health, one cannot ignore that of the skin, which is closely connected to the beard. Having healthy and strong skin is an essential prerequisite for a beautiful beard, but no worries, because with Bullfrog’s Oliocento it has never been so easy.

Oliocento is the first 100% natural product by Bullfrog, an oil whose nourishing, soothing and antioxidant power resides in the hemp extract. Its dry texture makes it an extraordinary oil, suitable for any type of beard, from the shortest to the longest ones and its action is effective both on the beard and on the skin (not to mention hair).
Apply a little product with the practical dropper on dry beard and exert a gentle massage that distributes the oil deep down to the surface of the skin.
The skin under the beard will be more hydrated, nourished and relaxed, immediately erasing the signs of this period of stress. The hair, in the same way, will feel its benefits, softening and acquiring brightness.

To increase these effects on our beard, there is only one product with which the combination is truly necessary: Agnostico.
After Oliocento, as a second step in today’s routine, dispense a little Agnostico on your hands and apply it with your fingers on your beard. It is ideal for taming and softening even the most rebellious hair, nourishing it without weighing it down thanks to its ultra light formula.
True fans of Agnostico will know that they will be given back a fresh and very fragrant beard.

Even today we are done here. Stay tuned to find out what awaits us on the third day