The interviews with the Bullfrog barbers continue and today Michele helps us answer the quarantine questions. Take this time to discover valuable tips that could improve your quarantine and your look!

What is the product you cannot absolutely do without during the quarantine?

In general, hemp-based Botanical Lab products are mandatory for me. The Anti-stress Night Mask in particular is my favorite for all the uses it has. It softens my beard and facial skin and it is also very good for soothing irritations when I shave on the neck or cheeks.

What is the product you rediscovered during the quarantine?

The Nourishing Restorative Butter is a fairly new product and I took advantage of these days off to try it properly. I admit that it was a real discovery, not only because it makes my hair much softer and more untangled, but above all because it gives shape and volume to the hair while I dry it, helping me to set well the structure of my look.

Is there any trick for a beginner who needs to shorten his beard with scissors?

No, the beginner and scissors combination can only end one way: with a hole in the beard. We can use the scissors only for finishing. After we have brushed it well and carefully, we will have highlighted the longest and bristly hairs that just cannot adapt to the shape of the beard. So there, one by one, we can shorten them with scissors, but it’s a really long and difficult job.

What is the best way to adjust the beard with the electric razor?

The simplest way is undoubtedly to shorten it everywhere with the same measure, possibly the longest we have available. Of course, it depends on the result we want to achieve and how long the beard is at the start. To do a more elaborate job, however, we can use shorter measures to touch the sideburns and give a little nuance. The difficulty here is to mange to go gradually with the right measures.

What is the best way to disinfect my electric razor?

I would first make a distinction between cleaning and disinfecting it. Good hygiene of your razor is basic and it should be cleaned properly after each use. Disinfecting it, however, is another matter entirely and if it is our personal razor, which no one else uses, disinfecting it is not an operation that is often necessary. We can do it every now and then, for a deeper cleaning and in this case, the best way is to help us with special sprays, designed precisely for cleaning the machines, which manage to disinfect them without damaging them.

Would it be better to take advantage of the quarantine to shave less?

I wouldn’t necessarily see it that way. Indeed, it may be time to start doing it. Anyone who has always worn a beard could take advantage of these days to remove it: it would be a great way to let the skin breathe again and relax, helping yourself with the right products. I have so many customers right now who have decided to shave and some of them have rediscovered a new look that they had never considered. It’s all a matter of habit, of how we’re used to see ourselves. Maybe after this quarantine you will be a new one, without beard, and ready to try our Bullfrog Shave service, which is really relaxing!

Now that I have more time for myself, how can I improve my shave?

I don’t say you have to get professional, but now that there is more time, why don’t you try a slightly homemade version of our Bullfrog Shave? I am not saying to apply a warm cloth before shaving, but maybe massaging the skin for a few minutes with nice warm water could help. Then continuing the massage with a pre-shave oil can make all the difference: it will make each step more comfortable. Forget the shaving foam and enjoy those minutes to whip the shaving cream with the brush. In the end, if you want to be a perfectionist, rinse with ice water or even with a damp towel that you put in the freezer. With these simple steps you will have brought home some of our Bullfrog shave.

What do you miss most about working in barbershop these days?

Customer care, contact with people … – It looks hesitant. – Actually I miss everything! – He tells me almost moved. – Jokes, laughter, hugs, which now seem so far away. And I miss the practice, the challenge against myself to improve myself day after day in my work. Bullfrog is a family and it is sad to be all so far away.